Banned from

Are you seeing something like this? Banned from

First, read the official Bans FAQ

Why does this happen?

The game client detected code injection, or other nefarious activity, and reported it to Cfx. After an automated analysis, it was determined that you, or someone using your computer, was cheating.

But I am completely innocent!

That may very well be the truth. The problem is that almost every single cheater that shows up in the Project Hub says almost that exact thing, and when it is looked into, it is found that they are lying.

Even if you are not lying, nobody is going to believe you, because that is a lie that has been told so many times they simply stopped checking. The collective have better things to do with their time than to go through that same song and dance with another lying cheater.

It's bad that this impacts you, the totally innocent and honest person, but that is the reality of it.

Your only option is to wait out the ban.

Reshade! It was totally Reshade that done it!

No, it wasn't. Lies like this is why we don't trust people's story anymore. Go away.

But I was just testing on my own server!

Yes, and doing so by injecting code into the client was a really stupid mistake. Wait out the ban, and don't do that again.

But it's a hardware ban on this video card I bought used!

Yeah, see the part above about being totally innocent. I've heard this story before, and I don't believe you.

Okay, so I can't get unbanned, but what about making it shorter?

No, it will not get shortened. Yes, you promise not to do it again, and you are full of remorse for getting caught, but that doesn't matter. The ban time is the ban time.

Wait it out.

But ...

No. Wait it out.

©Demonen - Published 2023-08-18 - Edited 2023-08-20