Please help

Hello there! You seem to be asking for help, but you are not providing a lot of information.

Don't ask to ask

When you ask "Can I ask a question?", you are not providing enough information for anyone to answer you.

"Is this the right place to ask about X?" is fine, but just asking to ask is unproductive.

Who here knows about X?

Just like asking to ask, this is unproductive. People deeply familiar with X might be unavailable, but your question might not be specific to X. Just ask your question. Maybe an X expert will come along in a few minutes and see it? Maybe a Google Blackbelt will look it up for you?

Read up on it first

Before you ask for help, please try to help yourself. Look at the documentation for whatever you are trying to do. Google the error message. Search the relevant Discords for the error message or related concepts.

Generally speaking, the more work you put in yourself, the more people are willing to help you.

We can't see your screen

Nobody knows anything about your problem until you provide the information. People might have solved similar problems in the past, but we don't know that yet.

When asking for help, please provide screenshots, log files, "Save information" files off crash dialogs, and any other information you possibly can.

The more you provide, the less guesswork is involved, and the more likely you are to get help.

But you answered that other guy?!

Yes, maybe I knew the answer to their question, and I have no idea what is going on with your question?

Do you really want people guessing at your problem and giving very shaky advice, just so they can get past you in some sort of queue? Probably not.


Have you considered that your attitude might be a help-reprellant? Very few people want to engage with you when you start out by calling them useless or idiots.

©Demonen - Published 2023-08-18