Linking FiveM to Discord

Many FiveM servers require you to have FiveM linked to your Discord account, and to be in their Discord guild when you play their server.

This is so they can manage what access you have by granting roles in Discord, and so they can get a hold of you outside of the game for any administrative needs.

What about Vencord and similar mods?

No. Don't. It won't work. Use the regular, unmodified Discord, at least for linking.

You can probably install the mod again after linking, but it's not officailly supported by FiveM.

  • Close FiveM
  • Close Discord (see below!)
  • Open the Discord desktop client (Website won't work, do not run as Administrator!)
  • Make sure Discord is logged in and ready
  • Start FiveM and let the main menu load fully
  • Discord should now prompt to connect

If this does not happen, restart your computer and try again.

Close Discord, how?

Shut down Discord completely. Usually, when you close the window, it just gets hidden and is still running in the background.

In the system tray, down by the clock, there is a little arrow hiding some extra icons. Click it to reveal something like this:

System tray with Discord icon

Right-click the Discord icon, and select "Quit Discord"

Discord will now be completely shut down, and ready to be started fresh.

©Demonen - Published 2024-01-21 - Edited 2024-05-28